BAAC, Inc. is currently looking for Telemarketers, Pay is commission based only.

The process:

1) BAAC, Inc. will provide the telemarketer with a list of contacts which are not to be contacted more than 1/mo and
only then with permission for follow up calls or emails after the initial call to determine the prospects interest.

2) BAAC, Inc. maintains a list of prospects along with the assigned telemarketer.  In the event a prospect becomes
a client of BAAC, Inc. the following schedule is followed in the payment of commissions and only after receipt by
BAAC, Inc.

Year one: 25% of the support purchased.
Year two: 20% of the fee billed the client for renewal of support and or website options
Year three and beyond: 10% of the fee billed

Telemarketers must sign a non disclosure agreement with BAAC, Inc. and are required to periodically check in with
their clients to inquire if they have any concerns or questions.  These are then relayed to the BAAC, Inc. support

Other requirements may be required based on current law.

If interested please contact Ron Oimoen at pstron@comcast.net or call 352-258-2594.
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