Maintenance Database

A maintenance database can improve the way you keep track of equipment and inventory,
making your overall operation more efficient and cost-effective. When you manage a large
fleet of vehicles or other heavy duty equipment, it can be easy to lose track of what parts need
to be ordered and when maintenance needs to be scheduled or conducted. When machinery
isn’t working, you lose money.

With a CMMS, or Computerized Maintenance Management System in place, you’ll notice that
you’re more able to prevent small problems from becoming bigger, more expensive ones. A
computerized system can enable your field workers to quickly record and report any
problems they experience using equipment or other tools. A database makes it easy to
record the mileage of each of the vehicles in your fleet so that you can plan ahead for needed
maintenance and upkeep.
Keep Things Running Smoothly with BAAC's ZUD Maintenance Database

Repair costs for heavy machinery can be expensive even without taking into consideration the money you lose due to equipment downtime. A
maintenance database can help you keep on top of regular maintenance to help minimize the risk of machinery failure. A database can also help
you keep tabs on inventory levels so that the chances of running out of a needed part are minimized. With the right database, you can print out
reports detailing which items need to be reordered, along with the contact information for the vendors who supply those parts. You can use a
database to monitor those employees who are clumsy or have a tendency to lose equipment by adding data fields that show which employee
checks out certain items.

With PST Corporation’s ZUD or Zero Unscheduled Maintenance Database, you can better manage the expenses associated with vehicle,
machinery, and equipment maintenance. Other database systems are difficult to learn and are not easily integrated with your other software. PST
Corporation’s database support programs are Access-based, making the information seamless with Word and Excel. You can evaluate the ZUD
program yourself for 30 days for a low price. You can also download a free video file showing you this program in action. If you’d like more
information on how PST Corporation can help make your business better, call 800-457-9326 today.
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