Non-Profit Database

A non-profit organization database can help your organization better manage its assets and clients. It
can be hard to keep track of clients in need of assistance and the availability of interns and
volunteers. Many non-profit organizations have staff members that do not work full time, and because
of this it can be difficult to keep everyone informed and on the same page.

Non-profits can become more efficient and leverage their manpower and assets with a
well-constructed non-profit organization database. Occasionally, grants and donations come with
conditions or target certain demographics. A non-profit organization database will give you the ability
to sort your clients and constituents by any number of factors including income, location, and age. A
database also enables you to easily retrieve contact information for targeted groups or people
without having to search through mountains of paperwork or stacks of files.
Help More People More Effectively Using a Non-profit Organization Database

Databases formulated specifically for non-profit organizations can help you evenly distribute the benefits among the population. You can use Access-
based reports to track where donations are going and which areas or people are still in need of assistance. Sorting clients by zip code can help you
determine where to establish outreach centers or satellite offices so that you can fulfill your mission more effectively.

BAAC Corporation can provide your non profit organization with affordable Access database support software that is easy to use and manage. BAAC can
customize a database based on your organization’s needs and outreach goals. We can easily import your existing tracking and client information into
the database program so that you and your staff can pick up right where you left off. You can try out the software yourself by requesting our FREE single-
user program to see how much easier it is to manage all of your organization’s information using one program. If you’d like more information, call BAAC
Corporation today at 800-457-9326.
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